Our online courses platform helps you ...

  • Work at your own pace to allow time to practice

  • Break free from the traditional, boring, and outdated method of learning

  • Avoid frustration and gain confidence from the moment you join

What makes Catch + Think online platform different?

  • STEP-BY-STEP COURSES: Each course is designed to be concise and easy to follow

  • OUR METHOD: We use easy to understand terms and clear instruction to keep you interested and excited as you go through each course

  • COURSE GUIDE: Each course is designed to build on the skills learned in a previous course

  • AUTO RESUME: Log in and get right back to where you left off

  • OUR FOUNDERS: Brian and Dominique have taught numerous people and have built a recognized and respected brand. They are most known for their ability to teach anyone

  • INCLUSION: With different courses targeted to different people we offer something for learners at each skill level

  • LEARN with videos and printables - in a format that feels almost like a private lesson

More than just a platform

And that's not all

  • It’s the world's only online academy focused on teaching anyone about attention at their own pace for an affordable price!

  • Its jammed packed with clear and easy to understand step-by-step video courses

  • Plus you’ll have access to our community, Facebook group, where you will meet other learners who are supportive, encouraging and all following different courses the academy

Choose the course that is right for you

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What our learners are saying

“I highly recommend; I discover that my life and my productivity had been waiting too long for that training!”

“More than worth it. The diversity of the courses applies to our students for increasing their performance as well in the classroom than on the field”

“That mental activation should be available to everyone willing to perform at their best. This ball is so powerful in activating our neurons and getting us into the present”

Still got questions?


  • How does it work?

    Each course includes extensive information and builds on the previous class. Much like a brick and mortar school, we have a curriculum you follow to make the best of all the content offered. Each course can be combined so there is always something to learn. When you buy a course, you gain access to all the content for 9 months so you may work at your own pace.

  • Can I sign up anytime and how do I choose my sport ball?

    At Catch + Think Academy you can sign up at any time. Once you registered, you can choose between a rugby ball or basket ball.

  • When do I get the sport ball?

    As soon as you registered for a course, we ship you the sport ball. However, you can start right away the chosen course since during the first lessons we cover the fundamentals about attention, you learn the importance of specific techniques that will allow you to increase your attention level. Once the ball arrives, you are ready to start training.

  • Can I purchase more balls?

    Yes, contact us directly through www.catchandthinkacademy.com

  • Can I share my course by giving someone else my login?

    No, if multiple people share your login, the system will automatically lock one account out.

  • What are the possibilities of internal sharing for corporates, sport teams?

    If you want to spread the course among your staff, contact us through www.catchandthinkacademy.com

  • Why did you start Catch + Think academy?

    Brian and Dominique wanted to share their expertise with everyone they possibly could reach. We felt that the importance of attention was not being taught in a way that was making a real difference and encouraging people to get a better life. We launched Catch + Think Academy because we wanted to help anyone feel more empowered by learning this important skill and possibly turn into a change of their life.

  • Why do I get a better life by empowering my attention?

    Simply because you use your attention every second of your life. By choosing to control your attention, you decide what kind of life you want to live.

  • How do I get access to the terms and policies?

    Simply by clicking on this link.

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